Donate A Comfort Cart

Did you lose a loved one and would like to make a donation in their name? Would you like to make a difference in the lives of other patients? Would you like to help moms delivering a baby to have a more peaceful and relaxing experience and faster recovery? Did you experience the loss of a baby in pregnancy or infancy and want to help other families like yours?
A Comfort Cart will provide patients with comfort and care. What a wonderful legacy you could give by donating a Comfort Cart to a hospital, medical office, birthing center, or skilled nursing facility of your choice. Choose our Standard Comfort Cart or Custom Comfort Cart and we will help facilitate the donation and stock the cart with items that are important to you.

We work with the hospital, medical office or facility of your choice to be sure your donation goes into action immediately. There’s no more wondering how your donation makes a difference. As soon as your donated Comfort Cart goes into action, it will reduce anxiety, provide relaxation, and make lasting memories for patients and visitors.

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